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Salivation Salvation

Salivation Salvation , Juried Student Exhibition
Salivation Salvation

Juried Student Exhibition    8.25 x 11   

Artist Statement
In modern humanity’s ever evolving quest for spiritual enlightenment, misguided and often harmful ideas cloud our sense of contentment. Vengeful and vindictive thoughts become projected on religious viewpoints for validation. Others fall victim to unsound indoctrinations by malice disguised as charisma. How do we know when this is happening? How do we know when spirituality has been pushed “too far” and is now considered a cult? At what point do we stop respecting people for their beliefs and begin to fear them? In my series Candy Cult, I ask these questions by highlighting the ridiculous nature of blind devotion, as well as attempt to find the unsettling meeting ground of the super colorful, and the dark and disturbed.
Department, Major, & Focus
Studio Art, Graphic Design