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Untitled #2

Untitled #2, Juried Student Exhibition
Untitled #2

Juried Student Exhibition    24 x 18   

Playing Cards and Acrylic on Paper
Artist Statement
My work explores the varying relationships between playing cards and art. They’re both appealing yet mysterious to the eye of the viewer. My inspiration came from a conversation I had with a coworker who told me that we must play the cards that we’re dealt with meaning that we make use with what is afforded or available. As artists, we create art with limited funding, equipment, and sometimes everyday objects. The concept of my work is focused on creating a visual impact with the playing cards, an object that is used for entertainment or personal purposes.
My collage is made from playing cards that are cut into different shapes to form the subject. I glued the cards to create the piece that is presented to the audience. Using cards, I’m able to take something that was used as a means or entertainment into a work of art that mesmerizing to the viewers.
Department, Major, & Focus
Department of Art, Art, Painting