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Learning How to Fill Your Shoes

Learning How to Fill Your Shoes, Juried Student Exhibition
Learning How to Fill Your Shoes

Juried Student Exhibition    12.5 x 13 x 14.5   

Midrange stoneware, acrylic paint
Artist Statement
There are certain objects that come to embody/define a person, their favorite t-shirt, or jeans, or in this case work boots. These objects end up becoming indistinguishable from the person, their personality, and their life and experiences. They fade and aquire marks and scrapes and wrinkles just as we do, however even in tatters they outlast us and continue on telling our stories. In sculpting these life size replicas of the boots my dad wore everyday, I got the opportunity to study these marks and imagine their stories and the life he must have lived in them. These boots, and other tangible objects of signifcance left behind, allow us all the opportunity to identify the impact of the intangible things people have left us with and to learn how to metaphorically walk through our lives in those shoes.
Department, Major, & Focus
Studio Arts