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Madness, Juried Student Exhibition

Juried Student Exhibition    20 x 32 x 1   

Oil paint on canvas
Artist Statement
Kendrick Pendleton’s
Artist Statement

Listen let’s be honest here. None of us know what we’re doing right now. We all expected to somehow be rich and famous by now. A lot of things did not come out as planned for us. I know for sure it didn’t for me. It’s so bad to the point I don’t know what I am doing with anything in my life anymore. The only thing that does make sense for me is to create.
I find comfort in these little doodles and creations. These cute pieces of art help slow things down just enough to catch your breath. These soft familiar colors allow one to rest before getting back into the chaos that’s being alive. Most importantly it helps me get a grip. I create in hopes of one-day understanding and hopefully, in the process my art can bring others comfort as it does for me.
Department, Major, & Focus
Studio Arts